What is YouTube Premiere

Hello friends, today I explain you ” What is YouTube Premiere” .A new add-on feature is launched for YouTube Creators, is called YouTube Premieres, and we will talk about the same feature here in detail about how helpful it is to Youtuber and whether from YouTube Income Will the double.

YouTube Premiere is Paid or Free features and when can you use it as a YouTuber? In such a case, if you have a YouTube channel, then it is important that you keep information about it, so let’s first know that.

What is YouTube Premiere

We are all Familiar from Premiere Word, whenever there is going to be any New Movie or Show launch. So first we get to watch her Premiere on the Internet. As an example, you can see Game of Thrones Premiere on YouTube.

YouTube Premiere is a feature that allows us to schedule a Premiere schedule before publishing any video and send our Notification to Subscribers about your Video 2 times within 30 minutes.

YouTube premiere Features:

  1. We can send Bell Notification twice in 30 minutes before publishing Premiere video to your Subscribers, one of which will go exactly 2 minutes before Premiere starts and Premiere will start with Countdown.
  2. Live Superchat will be enabled with our Video, so users can interact with us and give feedback about Video.
  3. Premiere can not forward any viewer to the video, as we can see in the live stream. This will watch Watch Increase on our video.
  4. For YouTube Premieres Video, we will be able to see a separate Watch Page, which will provide some relevant video related information.

How to upload a YouTube premiere video?

This YouTube latest feature is such that everyone wants to use it. If you too are one of them then you can use YouTube Premieres as described here. For this, we do not need to install or update anything separately.

The YouTube premieres feature will be found with the YouTube Dashboard, we have to follow these steps.

As we all usually upload all of your Youtube videos, we have to upload Premiere video in the same way and along with its schedule option, the video which is to be published in date will have to be selected Date and Time.

Once the YouTube Premieres video is uploaded, a Best Video landing page will be created for us and whenever we have Video Publish, it will display users with some Highlight feature.

The YouTube Premiere feature is for everyone?

This feature has just been launched by Youtube in a hurry and it is not yet available for all creators. According to Youtube update, this feature will be given to some creators first and then it will become common for everyone.

If you do not find the YouTube Premieres function in your Dashboard then you have to wait a bit. As soon as this feature becomes common, it will be added to your Dashboard.

There are more such questions about which you would like to know as a YouTuber. For this, you can get the support of Youtube helpdesk, it can understand through the FAQs mentioned here.

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Youtube Premiere FAQ :

Q.1 > Will YouTubers can earn from Premiere Videos?

Ans 1. Yes! If Monetization is enabled on your channel then ads will show on your channel like Normal Video, You will also get the feature of Suparchat, this will also give you an opportunity to earn money. In this case, your YouTube Earning Double can be.

Q.1 > Will this increase video views?

Ans 1. Yes Due to YouTube Premiere, our video views will increase. Because it offers a feature that allows us to send video notifications to our Subscribers 2 times.

Friends, the best feature of YouTube Premiere can be for creators who make videos like Web Series. As money is spent more on creating a web series and also has to do the work of time and hard work. Creators can start promoting their Web Series with the help of Youtube premieres and get information about the user experience.





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