Best Root Apps 2018

Root Android Phone: if you are looking for best root apps for your android device, then you are in the right place. Because today we are talking about Best Root apps 2018.

Root Android Phone | Best Root Apps 2018

1.Root Genius

Root Genius is one of the best root apps 2018. Root Genius provides one click root and its very lightweight (Just 4.3MB)and it can root almost any android phone.  Its compatible with Android 2.2 to Android 6.0. You can download it for free.

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2.SuperSU Pro Root App

SuperSU Pro is the most used root app or root tool for Android phones and its help you root without PC. This app comes with many unique features.


  • Root access prompting, logging, and notifications.
  • Temporarily unroot or completely unroot your phone or tablet.
  • Wake on prompt.
  • Work as a system app.
  • Selectable themes Dark, Light, Light- Dark Actionbar, and Default device.
  • Selectable icons for the Android root app.

You can Download SuperSU Pro from Here.

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3. iROOT

iRoot is another great android app to root almost any android phone in 2018. This app comes with the higher success rate of rooting and this is free to download. You can visit their official page from here.


SRS Root is a good android tool its almost compatible with Android 1.5 up to Android 4.2. SRSRoot is a little rooting software for Android.  It’s free of charge and provides you with two ways to root. One is  Root Device (All Methods) the other is Root Device (SmartRoot). But you can’t download this tool officially now because of the srs project stopped.

5. Kingo

Nowadays, Kingo root is the most famous rooting app for Android devices. It comes in two different version. The first version works with the android app and the second version works with the support of pc. Above all this app is this app is compatible with Android 2.3 to and 4.0 but its also9 works with Android 5.0 as well. This enables to remove root at any time and there are many extra features are comes with this. You can visit their official page from here.

Best Root Apps 2018



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