Quick Shortcut Maker APK - Latest Version Download

Hello Readers, If you finding quick shortcut maker apk then you are in right place. There are millions of shortcut makers are available for android market but Quick Shortcut Maker APK is one of the most used, most popular, reliable and easy to use app for any Android user.

In this post, we are just not discussing How to download quick shortcut maker just we are discussing how to download quick shortcut maker apk and how to use this app. As well as we are also talking about some other similar apps. So without wasting more time lets dive in

Quick Shortcut Maker APK – Latest Version Download

Wait wait! Before going to the download the quick shortcut maker apk lets us take a look at What Quick Shortcut Maker app really is, should we?

What Is Shortcut Maker?

Basically, shortcut makers are some kind of apps which help their user to create shortcuts of the various app and other files and programs on their Smartphones home screen. This Quick Shortcut Maker is not just to add your app shortcut to your Android device’s home screen this app also create shortcuts of “processes” or “activities” of a particular app.

Quick Shortcut Maker Download Link :

This Quick Shortcut Maker app is developed by sika524. This is a very lite app. You can Download Quick Shortcut Maker by clicking the download button below.

Download Links :

quick shortcut maker apk downloader

quick shortcut maker apk mirror

Quick shortcut maker playstore

I hope you live this app but if you don’t love this app wait we have a list of top 3 shortcut maker list. So take a look at the list.

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1. Shortcut Creator

Quick Shortcut Maker APK
Quick Shortcut Maker APK

Shortcut Creator is another great shortcut maker application. This app is created by AlexTernHome and this app already complete 100,000+ downloads and manage 4.4 ratings.

Features of Shortcut Creator:
  • This app help you to create shortcuts on local files, folders and many other things
  •  ability to re-use already created shortcuts in History feature and add shortcuts from another app.
  • organize all your shortcuts in the Collections database with the ability to export/import selected shortcuts.
  • the system can automatically setup tags for each type of shortcut; for apps it also can add the app category; the user can easily add any other custom tags.
  • parse themes for some popular Launchers and provide the ability to use their icons (Pro mode required) and wallpapers.
  • app has not write access to internal storage and sdcard and works only in its private area.
  • support tablet devices.

2. Create shortcuts

Quick Shortcut Maker APK
Quick Shortcut Maker APK


This app is created by Pierluigi Solimena. This Create shortcuts app comes with most easy to use interface and it already complete 10,000+ downloads.

Features of Create Shortcuts:

This app allows you to create a shortcut to any file on your Android device’s home screen. In a simple and intuitive way, you can decide which files to appear on one of your screens and open it with a simple click. Stylish, colorful icons will mark your files according to their extension (zip, rar, pdf, mp3, avi, jpg, txt, doc, xls, ppt, …).

3. xShortcut FREE

Quick Shortcut Maker APK
Quick Shortcut Maker APK

This app is created by appschinyang. This app complete 50,000+ downloads and manage 4.3 ratings.

The Supported Shortcut Types: 
  • Application.
  • System Setting Page.
  • Bookmark.
  • you can change the icon & name for your app shortcuts on the home screen. Phone call, SMS, contact, email.

I hope this article helps you a lot. But if you still facing any problem then comment below I will definitely help you.



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