Fortnite On Android

How To Play Fortnite On Android Via Steam Link

Nowadays Fortnite is one of the most popular games for different platforms like Playstation, Pc, Nintendo Switch and more. As well as Fortnite also available for IOS smartphones but Fortnite isn’t still available for Android devices. But we just discovered a trick to play Fortnite on android via steam link application.

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 How to install Fortnite on android :

  • First, grab the Steam Link app from the Play Store.
  • Now connect your Android device on the same network as your gaming PC, then open the app.
  • Now, wait, your smartphone will detect your pc. After completing this process enter a PIN on the host machine to get things rolling.
  • Then connect your controller and open your machine in the Steam link app. It will log into your steam account through the computer.
  • After login open big picture mode.
  • Now you can play Fortnite via Steam link app.


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