Oppo Find X Price, Specifications and More

oppo find x price

Hello friends, all of whom were awaiting the end of 2018 the most popular Smartphone Oppo Find X Launch and we will learn here about Oppo find X Price, Specifications and get some of its unique and best features.

There are some technologies in smartphones that we think will either create an Apple iPhone or Samsung and have been inventing all the Best Phone Technologies, i.e. both companies.

But this time it happened that Oppo launched a new and best Smartphone technology by Oppo and Apple in the first place. In the Oppo find X Phone, we will see technology. So let’s see Oppo Find X in a little detail about specifications,

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Oppo Find X Phone Full Specification:

People are not so eager to know about this phone’s RAM, Storage, Processor or Camera, as much as the curious Phone’s Design and Display.

In this phone, we get 6 .42 Inch’s HD + Display, which has some of these features.

  1. 1080×2340 pixels Screen Resolution
  2. 19.5:9 aspect ratio
  3. 93.8 percent, screen-to-body ratio
  4. 411 Ppi Pixel density
    That means that the Oppo Find X Mobile will not have a Notch Display but a full-screen display. Someone who sees this will be of this type.

oppo find x

In this Phone, we will get 8GB RAM, and 128 / 256GB internal storage will be available, no memory has been given for the memory card in the phone.

If you talk about the processor, in Oppo Find X, we will get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Octa Core Processor and along with the Adreno 630 GPU, which makes Phone the best performance phone.

At Oppo find X Phone, we will get a 20 and 16MP rear camera and with 25MP Front Camera, which is capable of capturing an image of Best Quality and Video.

oppo find x camera

Speaking of Phone Sensor and Battery, we will be able to see the High-Quality Face ID Sensor like the Apple iPhone X and the phone will get 3730mAh Non-Removable Battery.

Oppo Find X Phone:

Oppo is always known for its Design and Camera. But this time there was no thought about how we will get to see such features in the phone. Well, there’s a lot of good things on this phone, like …

In it, we get AMOLED display as we can see in Samsung’s Phones The best thing about this display is that we get the most vibrant color and brightness in it.
Oppo find X is the world’s first Panoramic Design Phone.
In this Oppo phone, we will get the full Screen to Body ratio display or say Full Front body Screen.
This is the second phone after the Apple iPhone X in which we will be able to see the 3D face id feature and we can lock or unlock your phone using it.
It is hidden in the Slider at the bottom of the back and front camera panel which opens in .5 second to the camera ON. This feature has just been seen in very few phones.

Oppor find x price

Oppo Find X Price In India:

We get a better feature in Phone and Comparison is also being done from Samsung Galaxy 8+. But will its price also be correct for customers according to its specifications?

This question can disturb the customers because the price of this phone in the Indian market is Rs. 59,999. Which can be best according to the features of the phone, but according to the market, it is not for Normal customers.

After watching Oppo Find X Price, we understand that this phone is not designed for everyone. For people who want to buy phones such as the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy 8 or 9, this can be an option.

The rest of the people who want to buy a Smartphone under Under 20000 or Under 30000 can come in the same way as other phones because the price of Oppo Find X is 50k +.

Who can buy this phone?

You have become acquainted with the price of the phone and you may have understood that when you know about the budget 50+, then you can think of buying this phone.

According to me, this phone is for customers who want to buy Smartphone for the hobby and they do not have any meaning in Phone Budget, they should just like Phone.

Friends, there is no doubt that Oppo Find X is a great phone design, in terms of specification, which has been given Camera Slider in the phone, this is a brand new concept, and such phones have not come before this. How do you like this Beautiful Find X Phone?



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