MI A2 vs Honor Play : Which One Is Better ?


Mi A2 vs Honor Play Comparison

Hello friends, Xiaomi is targeting the budget smartphone market all over the world and every single month or two months comes in the phone market of a new model. But at this time other companies also start targeting the budget smartphone category and they are also producing some decent budget smartphone.  Recently Chinese tech giant Huawei launches their latest budget range smartphone to beat Xiaomis Mi A2 which is the successor of Mi’s A1. Honour Play’s specifications look pretty impressive on the paper.  That’s why here We do a detailed comparison between Mi A2 Vs Honor Play.

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MI A2 vs Honor Play:

Phone purchase of 30 thousand or more is easy for us as there are some such phones in the Indian market. But when it comes to the price of 20 thousand or less then it is difficult for us to decide which phone we buy and which is not.

Here we first see Mi A2 Vs Honor Play Specification and after that, we will compare both phones.

Talking about the design of the phone, we can not see the trendy notch display in Mi A2. Its design is similar to the Redmi Note 5 pro and we also get a display with a ratio of 18: 9 aspect ratio and the Dual vertical rear camera can be seen.

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MI A2 Aur Honor Play Comparison:

MI is trying to launch a phone in India at a minimum price and so often we get to see the many designs of phones in the same way.

But this time MI will not be able to capture this way because there are other Smartphone Brands in the market that wants to leap out Xiaomi in the Indian market by launching better phones. So let’s see who is best for us in MI A2 vs Honor Play.

Display: In today’s time, display has become the most trending smartphone feature. If we talk about MI A2 vs Honor Play Display,

MI A2 vs Honor Play

In Honor Play, we will find the full HD + Screen of 6.3inch with a 19: 9 aspect ratio, which is a notch display.

In Honor Play, we will find the full HD + Screen of 6.3inch with a 19: 9 aspect ratio, which is a notch display. But in In MI A2, we will see a full HD + 5.99inch notch less display which will have a display of 18: 9 aspect ratio.

MI A2 vs Honor Play
Honor Play display

Both phones have the same display quality but in the Honor play we get a Notch display and it is a bit larger in Size than Mi A2 display whereas in Mi A2 we get a Normal display and if the overall display quality is seen then Honor is much better.

Camera: If we do MI A2 vs Honor Play Camera comparison then Mi A2 comes with a 20MP front camera and a 20 + 12MP Rear Camera. Whereas Honor Play gets a 16MP front camera and 16 + 2MP AI Rear camera is available. So there is no doubt that Camera of Mi A2 is much better than Honor.

Processor: In both phones we get two different company’s processor. In Honor Play, we get Hisilicon Kirin 970 Octa core processor which is a Turbo boost processor and in Mi A2, we get Snapdragon660 processor which is just a new launch. But if technical specifications of both processors are compared, then Honor has the more powerful processor.

Battery: Xiaomi is always known for its powerful batteries but we will not see such a powerful battery in Mi A2. Just a 3110mAh battery is available in Mi A2, while in Honor Play we get 3750mAh Battery.

Price: This is the Decision Maker feature for us and by this, we will decide which phones to buy and which of us,

Price of Honor Play is confirmed 4GB RAM variant of 19,999 rupees and 6GB RAM variant of Rs 23,999 but so far the price of Mi A2 is expected to be 16,999 rupees, according to Price, then this is less than 3000 rupees from Honor.

Friends, there is no doubt that both phones are tremendous and if some of the cons of both MI A2 vs Honor Play are dropped, then we get amazing features in both of them. for example,

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Honor Play has a trending smartphone security system which gives us face lock.
In Mi A2, we get to see better Front and Rear Camera. Which is better than any other MI phone budget
But in both phones, we also see some reduction, such as the battery in MI and Camera in the display Then Honor. If I tell you, if the value of Honor Play is a little lower then it would be the best phone of this year and if the Mi A2 had given the Notch display and the battery good it could have been the best phone. Who is more like you in both of these, you tell about it in the comment, because I am with Honor Play



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