Is JioPhone 2 Worth To Buy ? JioPhone 2 Price

Is JioPhone 2 Worth To Buy

Hello friends, JioPhone 2 is getting in flash sale and its first flash sale has gone and in it Jiophone 2 sold all Units, Second jiophone 2 flash sale 30 August 2018 will start from 12PM and if you want to buy Phone You can do it on August 30.

But before that we should know that Is JioPhone 2 Worth To Buy If yes So why? and if not! so why not?

JioPhone 2 has been launched this year and it is bigger than its previous version JioPhone, and its specification is also a bit different. We talked about this, if you do not know about your JioPhone 2 specification, you can know about this from JioPhone 2 Price & Specification.

Is JioPhone 2 Worth To Buy ?

The 4G enabled feature phone is priced at Rs 2,999 which can be reduced with a variety of schemes. But let me tell you this is Final Payment and when you buy JioPhone 2 you will have to pay Rs 2,999.

Reliance Jio has made this phone with the same purpose so that with its help, more people can reach Jio SIM and people can use 4G SIM in less money. But how much truth is there in this, we understand through Pros & Cons.

Is JioPhone 2 Worth To Buy

JioPhone 2 Pros:

  • JioPhone 2 is a dual sim phone in which we can use another additional SIM simultaneously with Jio SIM. This will give us a better feature which was not found in the phone.
  • In this phone we will see Qwerty Keyboard, which can help us while doing this Message while using the Internet, and we can easily type big message type, can easily type query on the Internet.
  • The phone meets 2000mAh of Battery, which has Lifetime for 15 days once after full charge, which is slightly better than the old JioPhone.
  • In JioPhone 2, we can put 128GB SD card, so if we need to download a Movie, Video, Music, then we will not have a storage issue.
  • The phone has a dual camera which is a 2MP and we will get  512MB of RAM and 4GB internal storage.
  • In JioPhone 2, we also get Video Calling feature which will be operated by JioVideo App and this app gets pre-installed on our phone.

JioPhone 2 Cons:

  • JioPhone 2 has many great features which is good and because of this, we can buy JioPhone 2 but with this there is some such cons in Phone that due to which we should not buy this phone. By getting JioPhone 2 launch this phone was coming to the rumour that will get WhatsApp, get facebook But this is not the case that Facebook App is pre-installed but we do not get WhatsApp in the phone.
  • This phone runs on KiaOS,that does not get many apps as we get it for Android OS.
  • JioPhone 2 price is the biggest cons, as we get an android smartphone in such a price. In such a situation, only one feature phone is available for Rs 2,999.
  • The flash sale of the phone is very late, the first sell was on 15 August and next 30 is August, in such a case we will have to wait to buy the phone.

Before buying JioPhone 2, you should understand that if you want to use Jio SIM only, JioPhone is more suitable for you. In this phone, I do not get any feature for which we pay Rs. 2999.

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Friends, Is JioPhone 2 Worth To Buy? The answer to this question depends on our need. If our budget is Rs 3000 and you want to use 2 SIM simultaneously then JioPhone can buy 2, but if you already have a phone or you just want to use Jio SIM. So in such a way you can buy JioPhone at Rs 1500. If you have any question or suggestion about it, then you must comment.



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