How to take screenshot in laptop 2018

How to take screenshot in laptop

How to take screenshot in laptop

Hello, readers today I share an easy trick to take screenshots on laptop or pc.

How to take screenshot in Laptop without any software

Taking a screenshot of laptop or computers are very easy. You Just open that page whats screenshot you want to capture. After open that page press Windows Button and Print screen button together to take a screenshot.

How to take screenshot in laptop With softwares

There are many laptops available on the market which do not come with a full-size keyboard, so there is no print screen option available. In that case, users need softwares help to take screenshots. Thats why we show you some excellent and free software to take screenshot in laptop and computers.

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1. TinyTake

How to take screenshot in laptop

TinyTake is one of the best and free screenshots taking software. Users can edit their screenshots on the go and share on the internet. As well as users also record their screen with this software and there are lots of other features are available with this free software ( Like Zoom In / Zoom Out and more). You can visit their website from here.

2. Bandicam

How to take screenshot in laptop

Bandicam is another excellent software to take screenshots as well as its also helps to record screen. Bandicam is a paid software, but users can use its free version with a watermark.
Bandicasm comes with lots of exciting features like select area and record, Real-time drawing, Webcam overlay etc. You can check out Bandicam’s official website from here.

3. Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is an excellent inbuilt screenshot software. Users can easily access and take a screenshot on the go. To use Snipping Tool open search bar and type “snipping tool” to obtain.

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