Reduce Data Usage On Your Android Devices

Hello Guys, today we I’m talking about “How to Reduce Data Usage On Your Android Devices”. Nowadays most of the peoples are using internet on their mobile phone and consume lots of data. There are lots of peoples are in available who wants more data but they couldn’t afford. So for this, we have some useful tips that will help you reduce your Android data usage. This method is going to save your money which is being charged for extra data usage.

How to Reduce Data Usage On Your Android Devices

In this post, we are talking about different apps, which are helping users to Reduce Data Usage On Their Android Devices. So proceed with the tips below

1. Chrome’s Data Saver

Nowadays most of the android users are using Google Chrome android browser as their default browser and the use of this browser a lot. But most of the users are don’t know that there is the inbuilt feature to minimize the data consumption while browsing which you can activate through below steps.

  • At first tap on menu button then click on Settings.
  • Then scroll and find Advanced > and click on Data Saver and enable it to save data.

2. Use Opera Max


Opera Max another good data saver app for android. Opera Max encrypts data for all apps on your device when you are connected to a mobile data network, all the server request gets through the Opera server which reduces data usage and allowance for any untrusted application on your Android device. So go to play store and download Opera Max.

3.Restrict Background Data Usage

If you restrict background data then apps are not working on the background. That means this will save your battery and internet data in your Android. But if you use this then you won’t get notifications from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook. So I recommend you to use this option carefully. To active this Just follows some steps below.

  • Firstly go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Data Usage.
  • Now click on right top three dotted buttons and click restrict background usage.

4. Change Google Playstore Settings

Google play store updated all app without your permission. When any app developer release update of their apps than Google Play store automatically update your app and this is not just consuming your data it also makes your phone slow. To get rid out it follows some steps below.

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  • Go to Playstore > Click on 3 lines on the left top corner.
  • Now click Settings from the menu.
  • Then click on Auto Updated apps option and Select Do Not Auto Update Apps.

5. Use The Lite Version of the app

Use the lite version of all the apps like Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Youtube go. These lite apps are saved lots app date as well as these apps are also saving battery.

I hope all your doubts are clear about Reduce Data Usage On Your Android Device. If you love this article then share this post with your friends and don’t forget to share your thoughts below.




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