How To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time On YouTube Channel

4000 Hours Watch Time On YouTube Channel

Hello, Readers today we are giving you some tips to get 4000 hours watch time On Youtube channel.

If you are a new youtube content creator then I hope you already got the latest news from YouTube. In the latest update, YouTube announces that they change their terms and condition to make a junk-free Youtube. Because in earlier days there are many content creators come on YouTube with low-quality content. So YouTube has just announced their new terms and condition with some updates where they told if new YouTubers want to monetize their videos at first they want 1000 Subscribers on 1 Years. As well as they also want 4000 hours watch time on their videos. This process is Tuff but if you follow my tips then you can get 4000 hours watch time on your youtube videos in a few days.

Tips To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time On Youtube Channel

  • If you have any “Technical” Channel then I especially recommend you to make a daily tech news series on your channel. As well as you also try to find popular news tags like Jio, Apple, because these tags help you to gain more watch time.
  • And If you have any Roasting Channel then start roast popular YouTubers, celebrity and more popular peoples.

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  • But the main thing that if you create quality content in time, then you got enough watch time.
  • If you are a Vlogger then you need to discover some interesting places (like Inside of Taj Hotel, Inside of Taj Mahal etc.).
  • If you have Moto Vlogging Channel then you also need to make review videos on your used equipment like Helmets, Jackets etc.
  • As well as every YouTubers need to make a good and attractive thumbnail. Because thumbnails really help you to get more views and also watch time.
  • And there are many video editing tricks are available to gain more watch time. If you want to know about that trick then comment below.


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