How to Enable Facebook Video Monetization? How To Show Ads On Facebook Videos?

How to Enable Facebook Video Monetization

How to Enable Facebook Video Monetization? How To Earn From Facebook? 

Hello friends, Facebook is just emerging from the Cambridge Analytica scandal case. It is bringing new offers and services to entice users to their publishers so that they can make Facebook more popular and use Facebook for personal work as well as use to earn money, This time they launched a service called Facebook Watch.

What is Facebook Watch? And we talk about all the detail about how we can connect with it. Recently Facebook launched a service called Instant Article for Bloggers, with the help of which we can earn money by sharing article on Facebook

What is Facebook Watch?

Form a long time, we are talking about all the Facebook Video Monetization, I have talked about this before, how can we place ads on our Facebook Video?

The Facebook watch was launched in 2017 and at that time it was available only for US and popular Facebook pages whose page has millions of likes.

Facebook Watch video-on-demand service that has been launched for Globally and now anyone can apply their Facebook Video Ads. If you are connected to Facebook, you can join facebook watch program and earn money by sharing video.

But like the YouTube Monetization Program, some of the Facebook Watch Audience networks have their own Terms and Conditions that we have to fulfil, to get eligible for this.

How to Monetize Facebook Videos?

We all know about YouTube policies and if you are a creator then you would better know what to do for Youtube Video Monetization.

In such a way, Facebook planned about a platform like youtube and launched youtube watch program. It has been launched globally because its results in the US have been great and with this 50 million users remain active.

Facebook is not made it compete with Youtube only, it is also made to compete with Netflix, Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer and Facebook’s own Instagram TV, too good competition.

That’s why Facebook has decided to launch it globally and it is already available in the US with UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Now has become available in Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Thailand.

Facebook Watch The revenue share was just like Youtube. Facebook Revenue will share 55% to the creators and 45% to Facebook.

If we want to join the Facebook Watch Program, then we have to be prepared for this and some of our requirements should be completed only then can we join this program?

If we just open, then we get to see some such information.

Such information will be seen for every Facebook account for which Facebook is not watching available Because,

  • Upload Videos on Facebook Page should be at least 3 minutes
  • This is for a page which has more than 10,000 Follower and more than 30,000 viewers have seen at least 1 minute on the content published on page in the last 2 month.

So far, it is not for Facebook Watch India but soon it is going to be launched in our country. If you want to check if your page is Eligible for it

How to Enable Facebook Video Monetization

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Facebook Watch Pros & Cons: 

Facebook Watch Program will give benefits to all publisher but it also has many losses. for example, If we join facebook watch as a publisher, then we will benefit and we can apply ads and earn money. But users will have very little benefits because with this, there will be a lot of unwanted videos with some good videos on Facebook as we can see on YouTube. Facebook Platform will be an income source but the image of its social media will be slightly reduced as people will not post share according to personal interest, then people will only share post video to earn money.

Friends, A news has come about it that Facebook Watch has become Globally Launched, but it can not be accessed directly in India. Hope Facebook Video monetization program is available to all and we can all use this service.



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