How To Bypass Emulator Detected In Tencent Gaming Buddy

How To Bypass Emulator Detected In Tencent Gaming Buddy
How To Bypass Emulator Detected In Tencent Gaming Buddy

Hello, gamer friends today here we talk about “How To Bypass Emulator Detected In Tencent Gaming Buddy”. If you do all process then you easily bypass and play with mobile users and the best thing is that Tencent company never detect you. So there is no account ban risk. But if you really want to bypass emulator detection then follow all the steps from below.

How To Bypass Emulator Detected In Tencent Gaming Buddy

Guys, there are lots of different kind of emulators are available in the market but we analyse that most gamers are using Tencent gaming buddy emulator to play PUBG. So this trick is exclusively for Tencent Gaming Buddy users but if you are using any other emulator then I recommend you to follow all the steps smartly on your emulator maybe its working on your emulator. I tell you this because I tried this trick on other emulator and it’s really working. So I recommend you to work smart not heard but now follow all the steps.

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To Bypass Emulator Detected In Tencent Gaming Buddy :

  •  At first open Tencent Emulator and Click on Play button to play PUBG.
  • Wait until PUBG loading screen appears.
  • When PUBG start loading then continuously click on back button from the right side of the emulator.
How To Bypass Emulator Detected In Tencent Gaming Buddy
  • Then wait untill your app drawer appears. and after appearing of app drawer tap on F9 button from your keyboard.
  • After that your hidden system apps appers not click on browser and browse Es file explorer Apk and download.
  • After Downloading Es file explorer On this emulator install it and Click On Open.
  • Then Click On Internal Storage and Click On “/” Icon From top and find init.vbox86.rc file
  • Now click on that file and edit as text and find ( set prop no )
  • Now after find this line copy ” 
    setprop “OPM6.171019.030.H1″setprop “lineage_jflte-userdebug 4.4.2 OPM6.171019.030.H1 11f949e127 test-keys”setprop “11f94e127″setprop “Mon 20 Aug 22:04:37 EEST 2018″setprop “1534791877”setprop “userdebug”setprop “side”setprop “JDCTeam”setprop “test-keys”setprop “lineage_jflte-userdebug”setprop ro.product.model “jflte”setprop ro.product.brand “samsung”setprop “lineage_jflte”setprop ro.product.device “jflte”setprop ro.product.manufacturer “samsung”setprop “jflte”setprop “jfltexx-user 4.4.2 LRX22C I9505XXUHQK1 release-keys”setprop “samsung/jfltexx/jflte:4.4.2/LRX22C/I9505XXUHQK1:user/release-keys”DE ” This codes and paste at the bottom of that line .
  • After doing this go to and find ” Service genyed /system/bin/genyd    Class core   Soket genyd stream 0660 root system ” lines. 
  • Now just Put # before second and third line without any space and save this file.
  • Now minimize the emulator and go to my computer and then Open c drive > windows > system32 > drivers > etc folder.
  • After find that folder you find a host file now edit this host file and just add 2 lines which i mention at the bottom.

  • After adding these lines save your host file.
  • Now it’s almost complete.
  • Now before starting game open es file explorer click on internal storage > “/” > Data > Data > Com.tencent.ig > Files .
  • After going files folder finding Tss temp folder and delete that folder. Sometimes that folder not showing then you have to refresh to find.
  • After doing this things You start playing your game with mobile players that means you successfully bypass emulator detected on Tencent gaming buddy.
  • But I recommend you whenever you start your emulator delete tss temp folder before start PUBG.
  • Otherwise, sometimes it will detect your emulator. But it will never ban your account and you don’t have to follow all the process every time . Just delete tss temp folder.
  • Thanks. 

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I think you find How to bypass emulator detected problem”, But if you sill has any kind of problem then share your valuable comments below. I will try to fix them asap and dont forget to subscribe our newsletter to stay updated.