Android P Features

Android P Features And Download

Hello readers, Today we are discussing Android P Features and other information. Google just release Android P developer preview to their forum and these previews are only for Pixel phone users. Google strictly mention that this is first developer preview so users may find lots of bugs in this preview version. Android P is most awaited upcoming version of Android in 2018. In every year Google releases their new and updated Android version. In previous year Google releases Android Oreo with lots of new features which is really helpful to the users. As well as in Android P Google also give lots of new features like notch support, dual camera support and many more.

Android P Features :

1. Indoor Positioning :

With this feature, Google improves their GPS tracking system. Because of several times in very crowd areas GPS not to work correctly but with this Indoor Positioning system, Android P users can get Gps location accurately in Indoor locations like malls and stadiums. According to google Indoor Positioning is one of main Android P Feature.

2. Notch Support :

This feature is not for normal users, this is made for app developers. with this feature, developers can make beautiful display friendly apps.

3. Better Notifications :

With the help of this feature, users can send the direct automatic reply in messages. As well as user can see the photos on the notification.

4. Multiple Camera Support :

With this feature, the user can get native support to control multiple cameras at a time.

5. Unified Fingerprint Authentication :

In this features, users get native fingerprint support.

6. Improved On Device Machine Learning :

On Android P again Google feature On Device Machine Learning but in this time they improve this technology. With this technology user now can easily fill their forms.

How to download and Install Android P Developer Preview

  • Goto Google Android Developer Forum from here.
  • Find the download link and download zip file
  • Place zip file on your sd card.
  • Boot your smartphone into recovery mode.
  • Select that zip file and install.


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