Uc Browser Mod apk Download

Uc Browser Mod apk Download


Hello guys, today I’m going to share Uc Browser mod apk with you. If you seriously looking for the moded version of Uc Browser then follow this post. We are going to share download link below. So without wasting more time lets dive in.

Uc Browser is androids most popular multifunctional browser. This browser is made by UcWeb Ltd. You also can play some games on this browser. UC Browser also provides Memes & gifs for you to share with a friend via WhatsApp easily. UC Browser helps you download videos onto your device at lightning speed. 100% free!



 Android Requires
Uc Browser Mod apk
Reviews by Users: 
These reviews are collected from the Google Play App Store. 
Aditya Chowdhury
The app is great for fast downloading. But the problem is the app consist of huge space on the phone. Besides, when I use this app, lots of irritating things appear on-screen like – “set up a search on the home screen?” “UC saved 1 second for you” “UC wants to know your location” “rate us” “how was the experience” etc. These are truly irritating to me. I think the developers should improve this app.
Shahul Hameed A
my overall experience is that it’s only good for streaming video and downloading videos. if that’s not a priority I will recommend brave browser. it’s by far the best browser I have used The concerning part’s about UC browser for me personally (1) every time it’s updated it turns on the join UX improvement program automatically. even if I have manually turned it off before the update. I have noticed it a couple of times (2) Adblock got worse with every update. now it’s basically useless
Rijn Sahin
After the new update just makes it worse. the problems before still not fixed. I can’t open facebook and many websites, just regular websites tho (sports, news, stores, etc). it always said “bad with connections”, there is no problem with my wifi connections and I can open those websites with chrome smoothly. it shame has many features but can’t work. Please fix it or maybe it’s time to go back with chrome
Firdaus Yahya
Super-disappointed! I totally dislike the way UC display images in Google Search(image). Bring back the old-fashioned way. Give options to the user to choose from Mobile View or Classic View. The current display is in Mobile View.
A Google user
assalamu alaikum. I am using this browser from the last 2 years. Great app but now in these days my internet is good but the browser does not work correctly. whenever I download the movies it downloads them very slowly please give me some ideas to fix this problem. please make it better and better for us.
ashveer rambutan
this a great browser but I do not like the ads in the news section. also, I do not like some content which I dislike but it keeps popping up sooner or later, also outdated news from time to time shows. my settings are set for it not to show those. my app is always updated. also, some governmental news or reports get blocked or removed before the public see it.
Barez Karem
very very bad,please remove the apps pop-up video player in websites and being able to play video directly from the websites video player, you see there are too much site which use ads in the beginning of the video like to skip the ad video you must watch 5 seconds of a video from YouTube and after that you will be capable of watching the original video but because of the app pop-up video player I am only capable of watching the ad video, not the main video I can’t skip the add after 5 second


I hope you successfully enjoy this moded Uc Browser Apk. But if you still facing any problems then comment below. I will solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting.



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